About Roy

A Brief Bio About Roy

I am a tiler with a huge vision for the future. My name is Roy Southby and I’m 71. I invented and developed a simple adhesive Spreader that could give anyone the ability to lay tiles with the same result as a Master Tiler. 

Just like the paint roller turned the painting industry into an easy DIY project, I envisage the Spreader doing the same for the tiling industry. I hope the spreader can empower you to conduct your own spreading and help show you just how easy it is to tile.

Roy Southby


During one of my early demos a little lad in a pusher immediately put his hand up to try out the spreader.

His mother told me that he had just turned 4 so I asked her "Do you mind if he has a go?"

She said it was OK, so he got out of the pusher and I explained what he had to do.

I poured the glue at the mouth of the spreader and he pulled it along for about a meter leaving behind a perfect bed of glue.

I said to him "now you have to lay the tiles".

I showed him how to do the first tile and he laid the next 2. You could not tell the difference between the tiles that I had laid and the tiles that this 4 year old lad had laid.

So, yes, anyone can do it!


After the successful patent of the Spreader, I licensed a company to manufacture and distribute my tools around the world. I built a website myself to sell my products online to help handy people achieve their DIY goals.

Due to the incredible reception I started a YouTube channel on request. One of the first videos I posted ‘How to Lay Large Format Tiles’ earnt over 8 million views and generated 29,000 subscribers. The Spreader was wonderfully received by viewers and provided essential feedback for improving the product and providing valuable extension.

I was invited by the Swiss Government to attend the Inventors Expo at Palexpo in Geneva. I felt very privileged that the super spreader was recognised with a silver medal.

If your looking to start your next DIY project, my website includes all of the relevant information on how to lay tiles perfectly. There are videos that are backed up with written instructions and global shipping for any variation of the Spreader.

I hope that my website has inspired you to have a go at tiling, you won’t be sorry!

Please contact me with your DIY stories, questions, & comments for me.

Thank you.