DIY Tiling: No Knowledge? No Problem!

The Spreader produces even and consistant spreading of tiling adhesive by simply dragging. Both Spreaders are highly adjustable and can suit any tile size.

The DIY Spreader in Action

The DIY spreader has 2 size options; the small for mosaic and pool tiles, and the large for large floor tiles.

Both Spreader packs include:

  • The Spreader Pieces
  • Nuts and Bolts for Assembly 

The Large Spreader additionally includes: 

  • An Extension piece
  • Ski Sets (for uneven surfaces)

The Professional Spreader is sutiable for the expert tilers and simplifies notched trowel use. Traditional tiling takes 3 times as long then with the professional spreader.

Both Packs include:

  • The Spreader Pieces
  • Nuts and Bolts required for assembly
  • An Extender Piece
  • A Ski Set (for uneven flooring)