How to set up the Roy Spreader and complete your first tiling job. These instructions should be used in conjunction with the videos for proper visual reference.  

Materials needed:

Roy Spreader (included)

Ski Set (included)

Adhesive spread mix (not included)

Bucket for the adhesive spread (not included)

Gaging trowel (not included)

Spacers (not included)

Straight edges (not included) (Two pieces of long material that allow the spreader to spread the width of the tile.)


Setting up your spreader

In your box there should be two end pieces of the spreader. 

Bend the one of the spreader wings along the pre-cut lines at 90 degrees. Bend the other wing on the separate end spreader piece on the opposite direction as shown on the diagram below.

Place both Roy spreader pieces on top of the tile that you will be using. Place the edge of the wings on the either side of the width of the tile as shown below.


  • If the two ends overlap

If the two spreader ends overlap fasten them using the nuts and bolts provided. Fasten using 2 nuts and 2 bolts to secure the two end pieces together.

  • If the tile is too wide for the two spreader ends

 If there is a gap between the two pieces use the included middle section as a bridge between the two pieces and fasten with 4 nuts and bolts, 2 attached to each spreader end, as shown below.

Your spreader should now be the same width as your tile. If the holes do not perfectly line up for the width of the tile expand the spreader until able to fasten.




Provided are two Ski Sets that are used to ensure the adhesive laid is equal and consistent. 

 Bend both of these Ski Sets along the pre-cut line. There are two holes on the wings of the Spreader for attachment of the Ski Sets. Loosely fasten the Ski Sets on the outside of the Spreader allowing for the up and down movement.

You have now assembled the Roy Spreader and are ready to set up your floor for tiling.


Priming the floor for tiling

You will require 2 straight edges to lay in the centre of the room. The straight edges provide the frame for tiling and ensure that all tiles are parallel. They should be set out along the length of the room and the width of the tiles. Place a heavy weight on the straight edges to ensure that there is no movement. An example is shown below.

Place the spreader in between the straight edges. If the edges are correctly placed and the spreader is the same width of the tiles there should be no gap. Ensure that the spreader is touching the ground and fasten the Ski Set so that they rest on the straight edges as shown below in the diagram.

Place the spreader on the entrance of the straight edge. Pour a small amount of the adhesive solution behind the spreader. The adhesive consistency should be pourable (for visual please refer to the Link Here). With the gaging trowel spread the solution to the corners. Drag the spreader further into the skis while pressing down. The result should be a level bed of adhesive glue. When dragging the spreader occasional use of the gaging trowel to disperse the glue to the corners of the spreader will be needed. Add more adhesive when needed. The tiles are now ready to be laid.

Place the end of tile on the straight edge and gently lower it into position. Gently press down. Add more glue and drag the spreader for enough adhesive for the second tile. Once the second tile has been laid press two plastic spacers in between the tiles about 4 cm from each of the corners. Repeat the process of adding more glue, dragging the spreader, and laying the tiles, making sure to place spacers between each tile.

Once a row of tiles has been completed remove one of the straight edges and place the other a tiles width away. The spreader will now run along one the edges and the pre laid row of tiles. The Ski Set on the tile side will need adjustment so that the lip is alongside the tiles.