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Read what Roy's happy customers from all around the world have to say. They've completed DIY tiling projects with easy & love to share their stories.

"This tool of yours is Magnificent! We laid four rows of tile in 1.5 hrs…Amazing. Laying tile like this is cheating! Ha Just wanted to share our happiness. Also I wanted to mention the high quality in the manufacture of your tools. They are fantastic and very rigid in fit and finish. I especially like how you made the 'top shoulder' of all three pieces fit inside each other for stiffness."

Thank you so much

Daryl Sweeten


"We just finished the tile job in our basement and we couldn’t be happier with the way the spreader worked once we got he hang of it. What a life saver! The floor turned out great and my wife and I are still happily married. I will send a follow-up with some of our observations and hints for others who might find our experiences helpful. Thanks again for all your help and suggestions and for creating such a wonderful tool."

All the best



Meet Julie, A 71 year old superwoman from Cambridge in the UK who is differently abled. With only one leg, she tiled her entire kitchen floor herself with the use of the Super-spreader! Julie is a determined woman with great spirit. She was delighted to find this invention and contacted the creator in Australia who posted it to her in the UK. Julie was extremely grateful that the Super-spreader helped her to tile with ease. You can get yours too today!



"Just wanted to give this tiling system a huge thumbs up. I bought it from Roy some time ago and i have used it to tile my kitchen and front/rear door areas so far. I am about to tackle my 6m x 6m lounge room and am extremely confident in doing so. So easy to use, i can take my time, its accurate and little or no mess. I cannot thank Roy enough, its really made my renovation that much simpler. I’d never tiled before using this and now i enjoy doing it, especially when i see the result!"


Geoffrey Mckenzie