Why The Medium Spreader Has V Notches

Have you ever found yourself wondering why the SuperSpreader has V notches? Well, read on and you’ll find out why.

When I created the SuperSpreader, my aim is the fill in the missing link between the DIY tiler who takes pride in being able to do handy things like this around the home and the professional tiler who does this for a living. That missing link was SKILL.

A professional tiler spends many, many years honing his or her craft. Therefore, the notched trowel that they use almost becomes an extension of their hand. The notched trowel that tilers use has square notches that produce rows of square-shaped tile adhesive. The user must apply enough adhesive to the substrate and comb it out to create these square rows of adhesive. This process takes time as the area of the floor that is going to be tiled must be filled and eventually combed only in one direction to allow the air to escape from below the tile that is being laid. If the adhesive is combed in more than one direction, the air may become trapped and could create an unnecessary void beneath the tile.

Something like this takes years and years to master to achieve that desired result. They build skill. And it is that skill that separates the professional from the DIYer.  

The next element is the act of laying the tiles. The tile is first placed onto the row of tile adhesive, then, by using a back and forward rocking mechanism, the square notches are broken down and the gap between the notches is filled giving the tile being laid great coverage.

What I wanted to achieve with the SuperSpreader tiling kit was giving the DIYer the opportunity to get the same, or at the very least, similar results as a professional tiler but without having any skill. I felt that a triangular shaped row of notches would help this ambition, as it meant you could break them down by merely applying downward pressure and thus filling the void between the rows of triangles.

By creating a trowel that had wings at 90 degrees of each end of a stand-up blade and being made in 2 parts that could be joined together at any given size to produce a trowel that would be the exact width of the tile being used I felt that I had provided the missing link between the tiler and the DIYer and therefore no professional tiling skills are necessary.

I have created a system to enable the DIYer to produce a perfectly flat floor regardless of the substate by fitting skis on the side of the SuperSpreader that could be adjusted to any height or run by along straight edges. This is a process that I explain in great depth in my video on how to lay large format tiles without using a self-levelling compound.

So, there you have it, that is why the SuperSpreader has V notches.

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See me explain in this video below: