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The Professional Spreader (Notched Trowel)

The Professional Spreader (Notched Trowel)

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The Professional Spreader (Notched Trowel) was designed for the tiling professional who is looking to quickly and efficiently complete their job without hours spent on hands and knees. The Professional Spreader is a square notched trowel with a depth of 3mm, that allows the tiler to spread a perfect bed of tile adhesive. Save time on your next tiling job by creating perfect lines of adhesive, 3 times as quickly than by hand. 


  1. Professional Spreader (notched trowel)
  2. Middle section for the Professional Spreader
  3. Ski Set (for uneven flooring) 
  4. Nuts and bolts for all pieces

The Handle Attachment is an add-on only for the Professional Spreader, that can be purchased to allow the user to tile while standing.

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