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Ultra Spreader


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  • Wall Tiles / Mosaics
  • 300-520mm
  • V Notched
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Super Spreader


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  • Medium Tiles
  • 300-760mm
  • V Notched
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Extreme Spreader


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  • Large - Extra Large Tiles
  • 300-1200mm
  • Square Notched
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Compare Spreader Kits

Ultra Spreader Super Spreader Extreme Spreader
Tile Type Wall Tiles / Mosaics Medium Tiles Large-Extra Large Tiles
Used For Pool mosaic Floor Tile size 300mm-520mm
(When using the middle section the tile width is increased to 760mm)
Large tiles 600mm-720mm

Used for spreading adhesive for the cuts against the wall etc. when laying large tiles (600mm plus )

When using the middle section the width is increased to 1200mm

The skis are used to adjust the height of the Extreme Spreader or the Super Spreader. They come as a set of 2

Hand held square notched Trowel size 6mm × 6mm 12mm × 12mm

15mm × 15mm
(with middle section)
Min. Width 300mm 300mm 300mm-380mm

Max. Width 520mm 520mm-760mm



Teeth Profile V Notched V Notched Square Notched
Compressed Bed Thickness

8mm × 4mm

1mm bed

16mm × 8mm

2mm bed

12mm × 12mm

3mm Bed

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